Headend and Playout Services

Professional management and playout of content

Satellite, cable and terrestrial TV, IPTV and web TV as a stream on stationary and mobile devices: Platforms for the distribution of TV channels and other moving-image formats are now as varied as their content. Multi-screen distribution is crucial for successful business models.

Cheap Live Stream is a longstanding partner of the broadcasting industry for the safe and efficient distribution of TV channels on a wide range of platforms.

End-to-End TV Channel Operations

Operating a TV channel requires working with multiple parties and varied broadcast content, and this leads to many complexities. Cheap Live Stream Playout solution with its hardware and software combination covers every aspect of your TV channel operations to ease your TV channel operations. Additionally, you also cut down on your monetary & manpower costs from making several stand-alone applications work together, and installing high-end PCs.

Our Services

The multithek offers content providers the ability to extend their coverage, reach target groups in new ways and benefit from new forms of advertising – via DTT in 12 German metropolitan regions and nationwide via satellite.

The users can access the multithek very easily by selecting it in the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) or by pressing the TV channel selection buttons. Then they can utilise the full range of value-added offering and new services from the world of hybrid TV. Users can also find additional linear content, so called InTerrest programms, in their TV channel list – this content is received via the internet, but can be accessed through the TV channel buttons. Special interest channels or local content – the appeal and variety available to the user is increased.

The combination of TV and IP-based content opens up new usage scenarios for the viewer. At the same time, content providers benefit from expanded distribution and refinancing possibilities, and advertisers can add an innovative platform to their multi-screen TV strategy with the multithek.

In December 2013, the multithek was awarded the most innovative IPTV technology in Germany.


Our Vision

For TV broadcasters and providers of other video content, CHEAP LIVE STREAM offers versatile distribution platforms from a single source. We have been a reliable partner of the media industry for many years, especially in the field of terrestrial broadcasting of audio-visual content.

Through our DTT networks, TV channels can be received across almost all of Germany in extremely simple ways, both at home and en route.

In addition, the combination of terrestrial distribution channels with the internet is creating completely new opportunities for content providers and advertisers to reach their target groups – both linear and on demand.


What They Are Saying

Unlimited Live TV Streaming, Live Radio Streaming All our plans are just monthly, we don’t need any commitment from you as we know that we are the best in streaming and media therefore you will not leave us! and you do not need to commit anything but our terms and conditions.